Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A wee bit calmer this week. Hope yours is as well.

Heads up

The plans for Diversability Aware on the Square are still in the works. This project became like a giant ball of yarn rolling down hill, as soon as I grabbed a thread, it wasn't attached to the ball and unraveled in my hand. The ball kept rolling down hill. I think I've got a hold of a thread that is attached to the ball firmly in my grasp now. But the lessons learned will carry forward into next spring. I think the First Friday in May should be Diversability Day, don't you?

Speaking of First Friday, we will have a presence each event this year. The Bright Futures booth will be getting a lot of on the square. This Friday, we'll be taking "youmattergrams" and posting them on Instagram along with polling residents on what they would like more information about in the coming months. The theme is sustainability. The Northwest Arkansas Emerging Leaders Sustainability Group is looking for volunteers to collect recyclables, reusables, and compost at First Friday events. Classes or groups wanting to volunteer should contact Stephanie Garman. stephanie.garman@walmart.com

We'll be chatting about how to market classrooms, schools, and the district tonight during #bpseduchat. Join in and share your ideas, all are welcome. Not sure how to chat?

We are seriously considering implementing Peachjar for digitally distributing flyers to our patrons. There is a minimal cost to patrons, but it is far less than 8,500 2-sided color copies. There is not cost to the district or PTOs. Additionally, it's more sustainable and better for the environment.

Board recognition evening is tonight at Old High Middle School at 6:00. It will be the final recognition night of the year.

Wednesday Walkabouts

Tomorrow morning I'm trying to get to Centerton Gamble to take photos of the progress at the Bentonville West construction site.

Video of the Week

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 14, 2015

I seriously thought this would be shorter. Enjoy your week.

Heads Up

We're debriefing edcampNWA in tonight's #bpseduchat, join us to add your thoughts for next year's event. Chat starts at 8:30 pm. Lurkers welcome.

Planning is well underway for this year's Technology Showcase on May 21, 2015 at Fulbright Junior High. Teachers in the first year of the 21c program should plan to show off some of the ways technology has augmented instruction in their classrooms. Grant applications for this year are due Tuesday, April 28th and principal evaluations are due on May 1st.

May 21st is a busy day! Central Park will be hosting Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Stacee Freeman let me know that she would open this event up to any student in the district who wants to donate their hair to support the program to make wigs for cancer patients. 

Have you been influenced by someone who you think would make a great "kick-off" speaker for the start of next school year? Send suggestions to Matt Saferite. 

We have more support in telling the district's story in the communications department. Taylor Blackwell is our new assistant. You'll hear more from her soon.

Thank you for reminding your staff to send us information about events at your buildings. It's important that we tell the district story through the learning that is taking place in classrooms. If we don't tell the story, someone else will and we might not like what they say.

I participated in a presentation by Peachjar last Friday. Peachjar essentially removes paper flyers from schools and replaces them with digital versions that can be submitted by users. We're able to approve the content and target by school. Flyers can also be printed for distribution. If you're interested in participating in a focus group to check out how this product might simplify flyer distribution, let me know. The entire presentation takes less than a half hour. 

Want summer camp information included in our Campopaluzza Infographic. Send it by Friday.

Gold Rush run is Friday, May 1st. This is also First Friday so it should be a great time on the Bentonville Square. We will have a booth at each First Friday this year to promote the district.

Wednesday, May 6th is Bike to School Day this year. Anyone want to join me in a bike train from Bella Vista Lake?

Wednesday Walkabouts

Finally getting back out to where the magic happens this week! I'm going to visit MMJ scouting out location for the next Minute with Mike, and then off to CPE to for ballet practice. What's that line from the Godfather . . .  wait I remember.

Grants and PD

Classics for Kids Foundation supports matching grants for quality stringed instruments.
Easton Sports Development Foundation is ready to support archery programs. Requests are rolling for amounts up to $25,000.
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics requests applications for the 2015 Engaging Students in Learning Mathematics Grant Program. NCTM members can apply for funds to show connectivity between mathematics and the world.
Finally, here's an opportunity that doesn't come along every day. Northrop Grumman Foundation is asking for entries in the Fab School Labs Contest. Winner's receive $100,000 to create the STEM lab of their dreams.

Looking for information on professional development? Follow the link below from Matt Saferite. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FXyIt80yQ5Vbt86N5uCB8q0TeCqCo9AeJsC3apekuzc/edit?usp=sharing
And don't forget that any June PD activities in your building need to be entered into FS Direct to make sure the facilities are up and running. 

Video of the week

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tuesday, April 7

April already, wow.

Heads Up

EdcampNWA has over 100 people signed up for this free day of teacher-driven professional development next Saturday, April 11. Unfortunately, less that 10% are elementary teachers! It would be a a shame not to have the voices of the hardest-working group of professional educators not represented. Interested teachers can register at http://edcampnwa.org/.

You will be receiving a card to be placed in Tuesday folders from Autism Involves Me, the local foundation that made the donations to 16 special education teachers in the district. They are having their largest fundraiser on May 2, 2015. They are approved for distribution. Here's a link to their organization. Here's a video promo for the event.


You will be contacted about scheduling Kiwanis Hat Days. I've attached a link to the latest Minute with Mike PSA to promote this. Right click the image to share a link with teachers and parents.

Wednesday Walkabout

Fortunate this Wednesday to be at Arend Art Center to hear Mary Beth Tinker speak about student expression rights under the First Amendment. Mary Beth Tinker was a plaintiff in the landmark Supreme Court case Tinker v. Des Moines. Should be interesting to hear her take on expression int he age of social media.

Grants and PD

Best PD opportunity this week - edcampNWA on Saturday, April 11, 2015 at BHS.

I haven't received any new grant information this week.

Video of the Week

Seems like I seeing more and more videos like the one below. Maybe if we let kids be more involved in defining what "educated" means, we might be surprised at the outcome. Enjoy your week.